Twin State Driving Academy, Inc.

Students other than Lebanon High 

Updated: 2-5-24

Classes for the 2023-24 school year are full, except for a few spots in the summer class.  Call for more information.  Be sure and identify your student's school when you leave a message.  

Home Schooled students:  If you live in Lebanon, you are eligible to attend any of our classes. 

Students Not from Lebanon: 
Twin State Driving has a contract with Lebanon High School to provide Driver Education for their students.  When those classes don't fill up with Lebanon students, and we are able to put students from other schools into our night classes.  For some reason, Lebanon students don't sign up for the night classes which leaves room for those who are struggling to find a class.   

Check over all the information on the Lebanon classes page.  When the driving schedule is built, if we can find a spot that fits your schedule then you can take the class.  Be sure to give as much information regarding your availability as possible on the registration form.  

Find the registration form on the Lebanon classes page, add a photocopy of your student's birth certificate and snail mail it, with your deposit, to our address: Twin State Driving 37 Elm St Lebanon NH 03766.  We'll contact you regarding driving time, generally about a month before the class begins.  

College students or adults:
As of July 2023, adults who were not born in the US and have never held a Driver License, no longer need to take a complete Driver Education Class.  You can learn to drive, go to the DMV and take the vision, knowledge and skills test, just like anyone else over 18.  On the DMV website is a list of the documents you will need to provide.  

Depending on your situation, we may be able to help you with private driving lessons, if you have a car or access to a practice partner.  

This is a huge win for folks, and we are thrilled to make this announcement.