Twin State Driving Academy, Inc.

Students other than Lebanon High 

Updated: 3-12-2021

Home Schooled students:  If you live in Lebanon, you are eligible to attend any of our classes.  If you live in another town, you may join our classes the same as any other non LHS student.

Students Not from Lebanon: 
Twin State Driving has a contract with Lebanon High School to provide Driver Education for their students.  Sometimes those classes don't fill up with Lebanon students, and we are able to put students from other schools into class.  We give Lebanon students  a chance to sign up first,  then we will open remaining space to others in the immediate area.  

If you would like to get into that queue, please send a registration form from the Lebanon classes page, a photocopy of your student's birth certificate and snail mail it to our address: Twin State Driving 37 Elm St Lebanon NH 03766.  We will contact you as soon as we know if we can fit your student into a class.  Be sure and choose more than 1 class and give us information regarding your student's free time for the driving portion.  
Currently there are 15-20 students on our waitlist for extra spots in class.  
Not everyone is going to get a spot in this school year.  

With the school year starting with Zoom classes, it may be easier to take the class remotely and then meet in Lebanon for driving appointments.  

College students:
Since we are a High School program, it is inappropriate to put adults into our teenage programs.