Twin State Driving Academy, Inc.

The most frequently asked question?  How soon and how much.? The cost is $795. Yes, we wish the schools (taxpayers) would still pay for it for you.   Check out the Lebanon Classes page for the schedule. 

The following are in no particular order:

I heard at school that classes are full. 
Please get your information directly from Twin State Driving. Trusting your friends, or even the school, may not be current information. This has been a problem in the past.  It is our job to keep up with current rules and policies.  What happened with your friend 3 years ago may not apply anymore.  

Can I send in a registration form for the 2024-25 school year to save a spot?  
NO.  We need to have a signed contract with the SAU before we can accept registrations.  Schedules need to be set up, forms updated, and decisions made.  We try to have this work completed by May/June.  Please don't make us return forms.  

Should I drop a class so I have a study hall?
Please fit Driver Education into your available free time. If you have no study hall, driving time will be assigned after school. Nights and weekends are not a regular part of the driving schedule. Assigned study hall time requires permission from the school. 

My tuition isn't paid in full yet.
We appreciate how expensive the class can be for some families.  Driving is an expensive business.  If you choose to pay half up front and the other half a month into the class, then you will be allowed to do half your drives, until the balance is paid.  

Speaking of tuition.
Once the class begins there are no refunds, which is one of the ways we try to keep the tuition as low as possible for everyone. If you find you can't take the class and give us notice 2 weeks before the class begins, you will receive a full refund.  Please allow another student the chance if you have changed your mind.

At Lebanon High School - My schedule changed. Now what?   
A schedule change may affect your ability to take class as the free time you were expecting may be unavailable. Every opportunity will be taken to accommodate your change, but sometimes that may mean taking a later class. ABOVE ALL..... CALL US!  
Many students have the same study hall so some fill quickly.

Speaking of calling us...
Our office isn't staffed so we generally return calls around lunchtime or in the early evening when we don't have an evening class.  

Vision Test
To be eligible for Driver Ed, students need to be able to pass a vision test, administered during the first class, with at least 20/40 vision.  If they can't pass, then they will need to take a later class.  See our google classroom for more help with this issue.  

Is your student really ready for Driver Ed? 
While we are generally willing to take students into class, we don't do miracles.  If your student is a puddle of anxiety, doesn't do homework, misses a lot of school, or is unlikely to study for quizzes or tests, please think twice about signing them up for class.  A student who doesn't, or can't, put in effort is often academically failing by the 4th or 5th class.  Let's set them up to succeed when they are ready.  

My student has an IEP/504.
Most students do just fine in our classes, although you need to know classes move fast and forward and there are no opportunities for retakes.  There simply isn't time in 30 hours.  We reserve the right to meet with parent and student to discuss appropriate classes and requirements before we place a student in a class, if we have any concerns.  

Wait, Google Classroom?  
The DMV has long encouraged Driving schools to hold a mandatory parent night.  We object to the word mandatory because folks are so busy.  Instead, we wrote a pretty complete handbook and these FAQ's.  However, it is clear from questions that parents and students ask, that they don't read them.  The resulting misunderstandings are frustrating for everyone.  So, we are working on setting up a simple google classroom, complete with quizzes, to ensure that parents are reading the material and understand.  This created an opportunity to develop this tool over time to help you partner with us in creating as safe a driver as possible.  I can send a student home with specific written practice requests, but if a parent can watch a short video on what we are looking for during that practice, we believe that will help create a safer driver.  Basic skills need to be solid in order to move forward into upper level driving.  We welcome all constructive feedback on your experience as we implement this new system.  

My student goes to another school.
Leb students don't typically sign up for the evening classes, which leaves space for others.  Send in a registration and we'll talk driving times before the class begins.  

Can I miss a class for a sport?
You cannot miss the first class for any reason. After that we don't like you to miss the first 5 classes as we cover a lot of information. You have 4 hours of the 30 hours of classroom time to manage as you need to. Be careful. If you go 5 minutes over the 4 hours, you will not be allowed to finish the class but will be able to pick up the next class from where you left off if there is space available. There will be a prorated fee for the time you need to finish of $17 for each hour. Remember classes are 2 hours long.

I know I'm going to miss 4 hours of class before it begins.   
In a word, don't.  If you know you are going to miss the maximum of time allowed, we need you to choose a class that better fits your schedule.  It puts too much pressure on everyone.

Really?  My Birth Certificate?
We need a photocopy of your birth certificate to verify your name and prove you are eligible for the class.  Feel free to redact all but the students name and date of birth if you are uncomfortable.  Paperwork is shredded once we have satisfied the State's rules regarding records retention.  

I'm not in any hurry for my license so I'll finish class requirements whenever I get around to it.  
​Sometimes that happens.  Please be aware everything needs to be completed within 6 months or the class will need to be repeated. 

Observation  - I don’t really have to observe do I?
Observation is a requirement of the class, and often is the reason students do not finish class in a timely manner. 

I have questions about how Driver's Ed works.  Is there anyone else to talk to?
Driver Ed is supervised by Trooper Richard Dupont at the Department of Safety.  He can be reached at 227-4075 or

What if I get a 79 academic average in the class?  
You will have to retake the class. The same standard as the DMV exams.  That being said there may be some wiggle room.  If you got a 90 or better in the class, participated and worked hard during the class AND are progressing very well in drives, but just choked a bit on a test, there may be options.  If you were dragged kicking and screaming through the class or spent the class phoning it in and fail the final, then you have already made your choice about passing the class.  You must academically pass the class with an 80 average in the class, an 80 or more on the final exam, and a 90 or better on an open book test.

Let's talk academics:
The curriculum materials are written on a 7th grade reading level.  There is an academic requirement and occasionally students don't take that seriously. It's not hard work, but there is expected study and preparation for each class.  Students have a syllabus in their workbook to guide them through the class. 

My parents won’t (or can’t) drive with me.  
Students who do not practice do not progress through the lessons. The idea is to attend a class, learn the lesson in the car with an instructor, and then practice those skills with a parent. Students, who do not practice, have some options, but they are very limited.  We reserve the right to stop driving with your student if we cannot progress through lessons until they get some practice time.  Practice time is a required part of the class.  

How come Driver Ed costs so much?
Every available money source has removed their funding for Driver Ed. Your tuition pays for Driver Ed equipped cars, 10 times the car insurance you carry, gas, all the insurances required to run a corporation with employees, office expenses, required continuing education costs, class materials and activities, curriculum, licenses, car repairs and maintenance and taxes. Driver Ed is expensive.  Driving is expensive.  Recently, the DMV director has announced that the NH Automobile Dealers association is working on a scholarship program for Drivers Ed.  Hopefully that will be available soon.  

I didn’t go to school today because I was sick. Can I come to class?
If you are too sick for school, you are too sick for class. Your classmates appreciate you keeping your germs at home.  Illness is an excused absence, however you are still responsible for the homework and there will be makeup work for you to complete. You will need a note from a parent documenting the absence. Stay home. Feel better. 

Let's be clear.  
In order to come to Driver Ed you must attend school.  If you skip the day and then show up at class time you'll be sent home. 

I don’t really do homework. 
Don’t waste your money on class. Homework is required and graded. 

I am failing my High School classes, can I take Driver Ed?  
If you are failing 2 or more academic classes, you aren't eligible for Driver Ed.  Get your grades up!  If you drive from a study hall and are failing classes during driver ed, the school may remove your ability to leave study hall to come out to drive. Then your driving will be suspended until the school agrees.

Skipping School Classes:  
Once in a while a student uses Driver Ed as an excuse to skip a class.  In a word. DON'T.  We consider that very disrespectful to the program and you will be dismissed from the class. Sometimes students will skip school, try to finish their observations, and then go to the DMV.  You may not skip school to satisfy any Driver Ed requirements.  

If I fail class, do I get my money back? 
There are no refunds once class begins.  

Can I leave my registration form at school?
We do all our correspondence by mail or e-mail. Things left at school often get lost.  

Can I pay my tuition with a credit card by phone?
We have added a pay pal button to our website.  Be sure you have a spot in the class before you use it.  It costs a little extra to cover the fees.  

What do I need to send to sign up for class?
Your registration form, a photocopy of your birth certificate, $150 deposit and information about your free time or study hall.  Snail mail to Twin State Driving, 37 Elm St. Lebanon, NH 03766.  Expect an acknowledgement by email for your class assignment but give us some time to make that happen.  

I was on the waiting list for a class, what happens now?
Wait lists are only kept for the current class requested. They do not carry forward to the next class or the next school year.  Sign up for the next class that fits your busy world. 

I’m older than the students who are in class. Why don’t I get first choice?
We start signing students up for classes in June for the following school year and accept students on a first come basis. A student who waits too long to sign up, doesn’t bump out a student who was timely in planning their next year activities.  

How much driving do I have to have done to come to class?
We can work with students who are comfortable behind the wheel. That means the ability to turn left and right and have some smooth skill with the steering wheel, gas and brake. Students that have not actually driven a lot are still paying attention and ‘teachable’. That being said, there is really no replacing the value of ‘seat time’, as long as that encompasses a variety of experiences. We are concerned for the number of students who have a lot of experience driving from Grantham to school but haven’t mastered any skills at making decisions in traffic. Students need a variety of experiences to learn to be safe on the road.  

My teacher says it’s okay if I miss class to drive.
We do not allow students to miss academics. If you are getting credit for the class, you have to be there.  

I’m failing and have been assigned to ATC during my study hall.  
Your driving will be suspended until you get your grades up and are released from ATC.

Will you pick me up or drop me off at home? 
Students will be picked up and dropped off at the school. Driving experiences are carefully planned routes to expose you to every situation we can find that will help you become a safe and risk-free driver. You are lucky to learn to drive here in the Upper Valley as there is a large variety of driving environments within minutes of the school.  

Wow. That was a lot of negative. Class is not that hard!
Come to class, do your homework, practice with your parents.
We’re going to have some fun!
Frequently Asked Questions: