Twin State Driving Academy, Inc.

Stevens High School Class Announcements
Updated 3-14-18

All of our classes are full until next school year.  ​

In May when registrations are available for next school year.
Here is what we recommend:
Fill out a registration form (found on the Lebanon page) and send it in with a photocopy of your students birth certificate, with no deposit.  Then you will get in line for available spaces in the classes.  Lebanon students, who have had since last June to sign up for classes, will have up until 1 month before the class begins to sign up.  After that, we will fill the class with those who are on the waiting list and payment can be made at that time.

Your student will need to be able to get to Lebanon High School for class time, and for after school drives that could be any day M-F, and for observation time.  

I know its not ideal.  We will do the best we can to accommodate as many schedules as we can.  Call if you would like to talk.  Thanks